Open Letter to America

An Open Letter to America

By National Tequila Party Movement Vice President, Shirl Mora James

Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer

Now is the Time to call out the Evils in our American society.  In this past week, the current GOP President Candidates Cain and Bachmann reveal their true colors and it is quite apparent that their colors are not the red, white and blue.  Instead Cain’s and Bachmann’s colors are of misinformation, hate and the promotion of the murder of innocent immigrants and their children who come here out of economical desperation, to feed their children because of NAFTA’s devastating effects on their farming and ranching businesses in their home countries.

To the GOP Candidate Cain: Why did you called for an electrified fence on the Mexican border that would kill people who touch it.  I ask you, Mr. Cain, what about the security of our other American borders?  Should we also put an electrified fence on our Northern, Western and Eastern borders?  And if not, then, why not?  Is your own personal greed so great to be the next President that you have forsaken your common human decency, your compassion for your fellow human beings, the struggles of civil rights movement against segregation and social justice for all people?  Look into your soul and ask yourself, is my promotion of the murder of innocent immigrants and their children, behavior that reflects God’s will?

To GOP Candidate Bachmann: Why did you vow to make to build a “secure double fence” and to eliminate “taxpayer-funded benefits” for undocumented immigrants?  If you studied and knew current immigration law, you would know that undocumented people cannot obtain any taxpayer-benefits.  In fact, legal immigrants must wait five years before they are eligible for any benefits.  Moreover, did you know that the undocumented people in America are paying into our social security system and yet they are not receiving any benefits from our social security system?  Truth be told, the undocumented peoples’ social security payments are filling the void of retiring “baby-boomers” into our social security system.  Economically, we need the new immigrants just like America needed our immigrant ancestors.

Ms. Bachmann, as I asked your competitor Cain, what about our security of the Northern, Western and Eastern borders?  Should we also build “double fences” on all our borders?  If not, then, why not?  As a Christian woman and mother, I expect more compassion and understanding from you since you promote yourself as a practicing Christian.  Look into your soul and ask yourself, where is my Christianity towards undocumented immigrants and their innocent hungry children?

My last question for both of you:  Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Cain, does your individual words and actions reflect the necessary characteristics of a ‘qualified woman’ or a ‘qualified man’ to be elevated to the position of the Presidency of the United States?